Monday, November 11, 2013


Sat for the GREs today, on Armistice Day of all days, and got my marks back on the spot because it's all computerised now. For Verbal Reasoning I scored 161 and for Quantitative Reasoning I scored 156. As far as I'm concerned I've exceeded my own expectations for both categories, and now I'm left wondering whether I should take the exam one more time >.<

Still, I couldn't help grinning like mad when I got the final results. It was such a relief to know that I had made it after freaking out over math so much. That and the possibility I could throw all the math I re-learned just for this exam back into the great black void where it belonged. That I could forget every damn thing I re-learned about exponents, reciprocals and square roots. Anyway after all, I'm not applying for a PhD. We'll see.

Still, praise be to that lovely benevolent being up there!

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