I just finished reading Please, Look After Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin. The book is split into about 4 sections, and I must say the last section was queerly written with far too many shifting perspectives for my liking. Still not too bad a read - no regrets from me - it made me think about my maternal grandmother.

Before that, when Joaquin was around, I was reading The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving. Not too bad (oh that phrase again!), but still couldn't beat Owen Meany in my opinion. Plus the fact that I read the bought over such a long period of time with great pauses sort of killed it for me, because I often forgot what I last read.

I was trying to recall what I read before the John Irving book, but I can't remember anymore. In all probability it has probably been drowned out of my memory owing to the craziness that was work in December. I recall a day where I had to sneak out of class to eat a Subway sandwich by the lift lobby -___-"

I dislike being unable to recall things.


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