La llama es blanca

Last night I finished reading The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, and spent the next 30 minutes online reading analyses to see if I missed anything, cause it seemed a bit odd to me and I wondered if I had missed something. Turned out I hadn't, and Muriel Sparks is known for being an extremely subtle writer. She takes the whole 'show not tell' adage to the next extreme, heh.

Had to drag myself out of bed today. Really felt like I didn't want to face people/the world and instead wanted to live in my bed for the day. Of course I couldn't really do that, and just ended up at work pretty late.

Today for some reason, they were giving out free scoops of ice cream at work. They had a whole proper industrial size freezer full of them too, with HR going about distributing them. I had a banana flavoured scoop and it was tasty, but left me feeling kinda gross after because it was too sweet. Then later when I was rushing off and went to collect my dinner, HR asked me again if I wanted more ice cream. I peered into the freezer and realised it was still almost 80% of ice cream, but left without taking one as I was rushing to another branch and had no time. I wonder what did they with the extra ice cream in the end.

As mentioned, today I had to rush between branches to teach. However when I arrived at the branch-I-hate-because-it-is-far, and saw that there were no students waiting for me, I got an odd feeling. True enough, after 25 minutes of waiting, I had been good old-fashioney stood up by 3 students. So I rushed all the way there, on a $24.80 (well to be fair it's not me paying for the cab) cab ride, for nothing. I ended up working on a handout about Alexander Pushkin and Eugene Onegin, and talking rubbish to colleagues instead.

Tomorrow, we're having a small send-off lunch for WY, the girl who sits in the cubicle on my left. Boo.


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