Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Yesterday I went out with my Dad to pick up Ryan and go to Toyogo to buy plastic drawers. There, I found a nice small dustbin for $1.80. We bought the dustbin. For the past week or so, I've been dustbin-less in the office because the Cleaning Aunty took the bin away, because some asshats have been throwing food leftovers into the bin. It's like nevermind that we're university educated professionals, we're still not mature enough to have our own damn bin because people aren't civic-minded enough. Anyway stupid shit tossed into the bin aside, I realised the Cleaning Aunty couldn't take the bin away if it was a proper plastic thing, rather than a makeshift bin made of a cardboard box. So yeah I bought a bin. I'll bring it after the next makeshift bin gets tossed away, since I managed to make one just last Friday, complete with a sign telling people to NOT TOSS FOOD WASTE into it. 

Quite tired because I stayed late to work in the office, and I still have more to prepare for lessons tomorrow. Urgh. 

I have a supermassive craving for Thosai now ):

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