Air Ticket Woes

Today, I spent my entire day rushing about doing work, and working my ass off. I had almost no time to myself at all, once I got to work. This, coupled with how hard I've been working for the past few days trying to finish marking scripts before leaving for South Korea, has left me feeling extremely tense and strained. Ooof. I am so looking forward to my trip tomorrow!

On another note, I just printed my E-Ticket, and was extremely aggravated to find that the daft thing printed 2 (TWO!!!) whole sheets of nothing but terms and conditions as well. What a horrid waste of printer ink (which is one of the dearest-priced liquids known to mankind) and paper ): I felt like I had just gone and wasted about fifty cents worth of material.

Yesterday evening I went out with Shu and Tiif, to celebrate Tiff's birthday. We went to McDonald's (Tiff's idea) and we all ate the Chicken Prosperity burger. I must say, I thought it'd be tastier :/ Then, we had dessert at a nice place. Ironically, our desserts cost more than the actual main meal at McDonald's itself, ahaha. I bought Tiff a flower from a random street vendor, as it was also Valentine's Day.

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