Sunday, February 10, 2013

CNY Day 1

Today was the first day of Chinese New Year, and I was dog tired. I had a headache for most of the day. Last night I felt very restless, and had trouble sleeping. Looking at the time it is now, I think I'll have another night of inadequate sleep. Regardless, it was a nice day. We went to the grandparent's in the morning to have brunch, along with my Uncle. Then afterwards my Grandma wanted to go out, so she and my Grandpa, plus my family (Uncle's family went off to visit the other Grandma) went to the Science centre to watch an IMAX movie. It was To The Arctic. The movie was pleasant enough, but honestly all I wanted to do was go home and sleep. Ryan was well behaved during the movie, so that was awesome.

Evening I was awoken by my Uncle and his family coming to visit. He and my cousin marched into my room, switched on the lights, and stole my Archie comics before leaving. WTF. We later went off to get dinner at Owen together, along with Grandma and Grandpa. And thus marked my CNY Day 1. Tomorrow will be visiting my Mum's side of the family, and will occupy pretty much the entire day. Oof feel tired thinking about it.

Anyway CNY is a jolly time, sadly, because of Hong Baos. I don't care much for the traditional dishes, except for Yu Sheng. Plus I'm so close to my family, I see them often anyway, so CNY really isn't that particularly different for me. Except maybe wearing more red things. So anyway HONG BAOS. I must say now as a working (semi) adult, the thrill of receiving red packets is much, much more. Perhaps because you realise the value of money more than before, and getting money for doing absolutely nothing except existing is great.

Thus, I decided to finally go get some books I was eyeing off Book Depository. Ohoho. I just bought David Lodge's Campus Trilogy, Graham Greene's End of the Affair and Somerset Maugham's Collected Short Stories Vol. 1. Hooray, books!

On another note, prompted by M/s L's recent assignment on a short story by Roald Dahl, I have taken to reading his books from my collection. I finished Switch Bitch earlier in the week, and am now making my way through Tales of the Unexpected. 

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