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I had a dismally unproductive marking day at work today. I suppose that's because I was marking compositions, and each one took me almost 40 minutes to get through. In the end, of my Wednesday class' lot, there were two scripts left. Tomorrow and Saturday however, 4 more class' lots will come in. I expect I'll be spending some bit of Chinese New Year marking stuff :/ Perhaps I should try marking with a timer next time, to limit the amount of time I spend tearing through each script. After all, there's only so much the students can absorb from intrusive marking.

Anyway tonight, after work, I met up with Shu and Tiffany for dinner. The rainy weather made us change our plans, and we ended up eating at Ootoya. I was disappointed to find that the menu had changed since the last time I was there some 3 years ago. Hahaha I'm terrible with change. The food was OK. Naturally, the company was much better.

After Ootoya, we wandered downstairs and saw the Matcha House, and decided to have Matcha ice cream for dessert. However when we tried to order, the girl at the counter told us there was no matcha ice cream left, and we immediately fell into a bout of giggles. The whole thing was so absurd, how could a matcha store specialising in desserts be out of matcha ice cream? We left, slightly disappointed, but amused.

In the end we had ice cream from Seventh Heaven. Having the ice cream in store cost more, so we ordered it to go, and wandered just a few metres away to sit in a hidden walkway and eat our ice cream.   Lovely, lovely evening.


On an utterly random note, I just realised that Alex Salmond, who I always thought of as Alex Salmon, is incredibly fat. Google also has auto-complete suggestions of 'Alex Salmond fat bastard', with his face superimposed on the Austin Powers' character's body. Sadly it seems, it's not much of a stretch of imagination to think they're the one and the same, oho.


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